Thursday, May 29, 2008

We finally went camping this weekend! Our first weekend in the new camper. It was fabulous! I'm not even going to mention to much how it broke and wouldn't crank up when we first went to open it Friday. Or how Michael had just paid a guy $100 that very morning to fix it. ARGH! Thank heaven Michael is so handy. We would have had to come back home. But instead we got to spend 4 fabulous days and three great nights camping with the Andrews and the Farleys. We took all the kids hiking up to see this gorgeous waterfall. I was so nervous climbing through the woods and in this creek with my new camera. It made it back wtihout a scratch!

I love this picture of Chloe playing frisbee with the big kids!! She thinks she's grown!

Taylor had fun finding bugs and critters. She kept a cup of beetles all weekend!

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