Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am going to try this great Winter Photo Challenge! It is going to be great fun! :) Take these 50 pictures between now and Febuary 29, 2008!!

5.candy cane
6.Christmas Eve
16.heart chocolate
19.icicle 20.kiss

25.quilt 27.ribbon 28.Santa


Monday, September 17, 2007

Mercy, I am terrible at this blog thing. Their just isn't enough hours in the day. Things are going well. Summer is coming to an end, and I am broken hearted. Yesterday was actually cool, everyone else in the family feels relieved, I am the only one wishing summer was back.

Yesterday was Dobby's first trip to the park. I'm not sure, but I doubt he'll be going back anytime soon. He isn't the car rider that Winnie is. Winnie can ride all day and be in heaven, Dobbie insists on worrying us to death. He is still about the cutest puppy I have ever seen! I have pictures...the camera is charging. I am going to upload at least one when I finish this post. I took 32 pictures Friday night of Taylor playing sock with him. Yes, 32, isn't that ridiculous? It is hard taking pictures of a speed demon, maybe one or two of them will be super good! :)

Christine got her first progress report Thursday. It looked impressive. It seems math is giving her a run for her money this year. She has fallen off a little. But I am hoping that just means the challenge has been issued. She will step up, she always does. I am so proud of her smarts. She has been invited to take the SAT this winter. It is called a Duke TIP. Duke University offers 7th graders with an average testing score in the upper 95th percentile an opportunity to take it. If she does well, it could open some interesting doors. Never mind scholarships and grants.

Justin, I saw him once or twice last week, I think. The boy is gone more than he is at home. Boo Hoo! I guess this is good preparation for college. I am scared to find out how he is doing in school. That's all I have to say about that boy..Hmph!!

Taylor and Michael both had that ugly stomach bug this weekend. Poor people...Taylor was sick at Grammy's house. Luckily, Sunday she woke up her normal self. It didn't last long. Michael on the other hand. He'll feel better and then worse, better and then worse. We still got the chance t go on a date Sat. that was nice! We went to Osaka's in Anderson. I decided that is where I want to go next month for my birthday.

Let me go see if these batteries are charge enough to send pictures....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's a sad day...

This morning my Dear Husband's Uncle Jim passed away. He has been battling brain cancer for the last two years. This morning he finally won and went and joined the Lord in Heaven. I am so sad, mostly for my family that will miss him so. Jim is an incredible man, a good Christian, and just, well amazing . He is going to be sorely missed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School!

Finally! School is back in session! It went very well I must say, everyone said they had a good day. This evening was weird, Michael still isn't home from his fishing trip and I miss him so much. He will be home Thursday. Just one more evening without him. Maybe we can make it. He is having so much fun, I'm sure.
Justin, this morning when he walked us to the car, oh my...he had a flat tire. Happy First day of your senior year Bubby. I am hoping it wasn't an omen. A bottle of fix-a-flat later and everything seems hunky dory.
Last night we spent until nearly 9 o'clock frosting Christine's hair again, getting her just right for her first day of school debut. She looked so great this morning. She loves school, that's a given. She said her math teacher is a bit wicked this year. She has already told us at open house yesterday that they would be having homework four days a week. I know Chris is so excited about that. *rolleyes*
Taylor, she had fun today, she even told me this afternoon that she loved school. Shoo, I am always nervous about Taylor. She is so strong willed, if she isn't happy, no one is. KWIM? She said at bath time that she had a new friend at school named Tyler. "He is a boy and he had yellow hair, just like Chloe." That's why she liked him, because he reminded her of her sister. She never even once fussed this morning when we put Dobby in the his kennel. She did so good. I thought surely she would have separation anxieties.
And Chloe, well nothing changed in Chloe's routine. Except the traffic has quadrupled on the way to her daycare. Argh! I have to leave 30 minutes earlier every morning to get to stinking work at the same time. She was good as always. I love picking her up in the afternoon. She is always so happy to see me. Make me feel so loved.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hey look, I have a blog!! Now what?? It is 5 am and gosh, I have nothing better to do! DH left this morning on a fishing trip and I couldn't get back to sleep. Today we get to go school shopping, Oh whippee! No, really, I am excited. I really should be sleeping. I have a feeling I am going to need all the energy I can possibly muster.

School starts in just two days. I think for the most part the kids are excited, except Taylor. She just wants to stay at home with Dobby, her new mini dachshund puppy. The big kids haven't met him yet, they actually don't even know we have a new puppy! *LOL* DH brought him home Friday, he was even a surprise to me. I can't wait to see Christine's face. I'm not looking forward to hearing the two fighting over who's turn it is to hold him though. I need a referee! Any volunteers?? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Hmmm, well I think I might have time to scrap a page before the little monster wakes. Or maybe I should clean something, Yeah, right! I'll scrap!