Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy Little Business Experiment!

So I'm all the time talking about how neglected my Expression is. I worry myself to death that I just don't use it enough. Well, I have the solution. I'm going to try and take it to our local fall festival and do some custom vinyl cutting. The past few weeks I have worked ridiculously hard on putting together some really great artwork to cut. Maybe I've been able to create some things that people might want to buy. I'll try and get some pictures posted as I finish getting things ready!!

I have finally finished with my business cards. These where fun! I wanted unique and I think that's just what they are:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scrapbook Express Design Team Call!!

They are looking for outgoing, talented and creative individuals to join the Scrapbook Express Design Team. As a Diva you will receive a $30.00 SE product stipend per month. You’ll have the opportunity to run monthly contests, participate daily on our Facebook wall, the forum and gallery. As a Diva you’ll also receive a 10% discount in the Scrapbook Express (SE) store!

International applications are welcome but must agree to pay shipping and handling expenses.

In order to be considered for the DT you must be a member of Scrapbook Express as well as have a Facebook account. Our webmaster has a full time job, so approval of your Scrapbook Express membership could take a few days. We appreciate your patience!
We want to have an opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know our online community. Activity on the message board and in our gallery will be taken into consideration when selecting Divas. Click HERE for more details about the Design Team call.

Entries and applications are due by Friday, September 16, 2011. GOOD LUCK!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We haven't had these fish in the aquarium 2 weeks yet and look what we hve already found! The girls are just beyond excited. We have SO much fun hunting through the aqaurium looking for our new fishies.

Can you see it there? They are nearly impossible to photograph they are just so tiny!

Can you see them here...there is 2 of them in this picture!!

There are dozens of them hiding in between all of the rocks around our aquarium...each of them no wider than a pencil led and no longer than a very short fingernail!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Weaver Zoo

Our aquarium saga continues. Since we lost The Bruces & The Uglies in that crazy snow storm in 2009 I haven't had much luck keeping things alive in our aquarium. In 2 years this is the 3rd set of fish we have had to buy. :( That's not good. I feel a lot like Spencer from iCarly. lol I've just lost my aquarium mojo I guess. I've even pondered selling our aquarium. *gasp* Thankfully my husband knows that would be a stupid move. Having an aquarium keeps in mind some good memories of my Mom...that alone is reason enough to keep working at this whole aquarium thing. The girls LOVE having it...they love watching our new fish. This time we got us some cute little Mollies and some Platies. The mollies are so fun to watch! Very active and right out front. The platies spend most of the time hidden in and behind the rocks, they are just boring! (they sure know when it's feeding time though!) We also got a pair of snails...I never would have guessed those little buggers would be so entertaining. It's a searching game every time we look in the aquarium...where are they now?? For snails those things sure do get around. You never know where they will turn up!

There's our Cory Cat too...he is the ONLY fish that survived my last round of fish killing. (I think I overdosed the aquarium with algae killer. I killed my fish...but you can see it didn't even make a dent in the algae. :( )