Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am a terrible Blogger!!

So it's only been 5 mos. since my last post. *gasp* We are too too busy! We have been really trying to clear our schedule some so that we aren't always so busy. It isn't easy though. When we do have a minute to just be at home, we are too exhausted to enjoy it! lol

Justin graduates, yes, I said graduates *Whahaa!* in 4 short weeks! I wish life had a pause button, this is all happening too stinkin' fast! I mean, just the other day he was chubby and still wearing diapers. Now he is all grown and
stuff. Now even my youngest baby isn't wearing a diaper, she has the nerve to grow up on me too. She is so funny. All of a sudden she doesn't want me taking her picture! Argh! I can't have that...I mean what will I scrap! I can only do one LO titled "I not be a picture!"

She is such a mess!

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