Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bare with me! :(

A few weeks ago I learned about a new tool. Picasa Web Albums! I love it. It is a great tool for backing up your pictures.

I also learned something else. Every time you upload a picture to your blog...any picture; your banner, your little side bar doodads, all the images you've uploaded to your posts...all those images are saved to one little file.

Guess where?

Yep, you guessed Picasa Web Albums. I also learned that if you accidently delete that file because you have a happy trigger finger and you've temporarily, even for a just second loose your mind...that file is lost and gone forever...and so are all your nifty little blog pictures that you've had for ages and ages and can't seem to find them to upload them again. *sigh*

I was really wanting to update my blog...I know it's been neglected for a while...but this was just NOT how I wanted to do it. lol Bare with me here while I try and figure out what I am going to do with my little piece of internet real estate. I know it looks a little sad right now. But I'll get to it!!