Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little Scrappy time!

Ugh! What a weekend. Saturday I woke up with a little crick in my back. It hurt, and I whined and carried on all day...but it wasn't enough to stop me though, just a slight nagging pain. THEN, my hubby got the girls a new little toy to play around in, (a two seater go-cart) Of course we had to ride it around a while to try it out! Well, of course the darn thing broke down on us about a half mile up the road...and of course we ended up pushing it most of the way home. :-( Then...about an hour later I was rolling around on the bed in the worst pain EVER. My pain went from a nagging 3 to I'd rather be in labor kind of pain. It's finally feeling better now. I don't know what I did to myself...but I never want to it again! Yuck! The worst part of having a back ache is having the urge to scrap...but being in too much pain to even think about being creative. :-( No fun! I did manage to get one page done Sunday night.

The sad part of this page is...it's the second page I have done about Chloe's butt. lol It's just hilarious to me how the poor girl never has enough butt to keep her britches up.

Have you ever wished that scrapbook stuff came with an undo button. Oh, I do. I've gotten way to comfy with my sewing machine lately. What was I thinking when I thought I could sew a circle around Chloe's tail? It did not turn out at all like I wanted to. What was I thinking?? I started to drop the photo in the trash and wait until I could get the photo reprinted to finish the page...but I hate leaving things half done on my desk. lol I just had to finish it. I covered up the mess as best I could. Flowers to the rescue.

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LG said...

loving all the pink. What a pretty girl and gorgeous layout