Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Day of School!

Finally! School is back in session! It went very well I must say, everyone said they had a good day. This evening was weird, Michael still isn't home from his fishing trip and I miss him so much. He will be home Thursday. Just one more evening without him. Maybe we can make it. He is having so much fun, I'm sure.
Justin, this morning when he walked us to the car, oh my...he had a flat tire. Happy First day of your senior year Bubby. I am hoping it wasn't an omen. A bottle of fix-a-flat later and everything seems hunky dory.
Last night we spent until nearly 9 o'clock frosting Christine's hair again, getting her just right for her first day of school debut. She looked so great this morning. She loves school, that's a given. She said her math teacher is a bit wicked this year. She has already told us at open house yesterday that they would be having homework four days a week. I know Chris is so excited about that. *rolleyes*
Taylor, she had fun today, she even told me this afternoon that she loved school. Shoo, I am always nervous about Taylor. She is so strong willed, if she isn't happy, no one is. KWIM? She said at bath time that she had a new friend at school named Tyler. "He is a boy and he had yellow hair, just like Chloe." That's why she liked him, because he reminded her of her sister. She never even once fussed this morning when we put Dobby in the his kennel. She did so good. I thought surely she would have separation anxieties.
And Chloe, well nothing changed in Chloe's routine. Except the traffic has quadrupled on the way to her daycare. Argh! I have to leave 30 minutes earlier every morning to get to stinking work at the same time. She was good as always. I love picking her up in the afternoon. She is always so happy to see me. Make me feel so loved.

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