Friday, June 15, 2012

Challenge! {BPM}

Oh my poor neglected blog. I should have posted this 2 weeks ago! Shame on me! So, but anyway. Here it is. It's a fun fun challenge that I've posted for you over at Back Porch Memories. Hop over there, check it out, get inspired, create a fabulous page, post a link...and maybe win a prize?! Yes? Sound good!? :D Back Porch Memories - Ad Inspiration Challenge Here it is: My challenge for the month was inspired by a page from my Scrapbook Etc. magazine. Browsing through it this past month there was this page that I just fell in love with. The fun colors, the white space, even the way the bottles are placed in the photo to just draw your eyes into the picture. Love it. I used it to inspire a LO and I want you to do the same!! Here is the page from the SE magazine (The paint splatter isn't part of the photo...ooops. lol): Use this same photo to inspire your own scrapbook page. And here is my inspired page: The colors, the 4 photos and the title where taken from the SE photo.


danni reid. said...

so, so, so cuuuute karry, love it!

Sandy Ang said...

what a fun design with the multiple photo!