Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Weaver Zoo

Our aquarium saga continues. Since we lost The Bruces & The Uglies in that crazy snow storm in 2009 I haven't had much luck keeping things alive in our aquarium. In 2 years this is the 3rd set of fish we have had to buy. :( That's not good. I feel a lot like Spencer from iCarly. lol I've just lost my aquarium mojo I guess. I've even pondered selling our aquarium. *gasp* Thankfully my husband knows that would be a stupid move. Having an aquarium keeps in mind some good memories of my Mom...that alone is reason enough to keep working at this whole aquarium thing. The girls LOVE having it...they love watching our new fish. This time we got us some cute little Mollies and some Platies. The mollies are so fun to watch! Very active and right out front. The platies spend most of the time hidden in and behind the rocks, they are just boring! (they sure know when it's feeding time though!) We also got a pair of snails...I never would have guessed those little buggers would be so entertaining. It's a searching game every time we look in the aquarium...where are they now?? For snails those things sure do get around. You never know where they will turn up!

There's our Cory Cat too...he is the ONLY fish that survived my last round of fish killing. (I think I overdosed the aquarium with algae killer. I killed my fish...but you can see it didn't even make a dent in the algae. :( )

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Laurence said...

I'm not having fish but !i like the relaxing sight of a fish tank...