Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another page for the SWAK crop at Simply Obsessed! This Challenge was to journal 14 things we loved about someone. It's sad I don't have many pictures of my sweet husband. I had to rescrap a picture that was a year and a half old. :-(

Journaling says:

14 Things that make me happy that your mine. Happy Valentine's darling. I love you because:

1. Your a good Christian man.
2. Your an amazing father.
3. Your patient and supportive of my scrap addiction.
4. I love that you love to love me.
5. Your affectionate.
6. That your protective of us.
7. I love your stubborn streak. (Really, I do!)
8. I love how strong you are.
9. Your so good at everyhting you do.
10. I love your love for the outdoors.
11. You are my best friend.
12. I love that your daring & adventurous.
13. I love how silly you can be.
14. I love your fun competitiveness.


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