Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Circle Journal!!

These things are so much fun. I have really enjoyed seeing so much creativity thrown in these things! Such inspiration. I believe I only have two more journals left and our circle will be complete. I can't wait to see my book again!!!

This month my topic was to scrap a funny story. Ha! Being the goofball I am I had lots of stories to choose from. Taylor enjoyed reading about how she publicly humiliated me. lol I need to scrap this story for myself now.

Journaling reads:

Having 4 kids I should be used to horrible mishaps, right? I have been embarrassed many times, but never so bad as that day at Racetrak, a local gas station. Taylor had just turned 3, and she had to use every public restroom we drove by...I swear! No big deal. We pumped gas then went inside to go potty. She went, then it was my turn. I was sitting on the toilet, midstream, when Taylor decided to LEAVE! Like lightning...BAM...she slammed the door all the way open...so loud every person in the gas station turned to see what the commotion was. The door...just out of my reach...stayed open. I was horrified...sitting on the toilet with at least a half a dozen people staring at me as my baby ran out the open gas station door. I was screaming, "Taylor get back here, right now!!" as my dignity was being flushed down the toilet. The worst part was afterwards I had to wait in line to pay for my gas. It took me a year or more before I was able to go back in that station again. ACK!

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